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Metal free Crowns & Bridges

All-ceramic zirconia-based restorations are increasing in popularity. A biocompatible, life-like and durable option for crowns and bridges, this restoration blends beautifully with your natural teeth.

Unlike porcelain fused to metal restorations all ceramic crowns does not have a metal core, which often causes a gray appearance at the gumline. Rather, they have the amazing ability to block out unsightly dark areas while retaining translucency thanks to its zirconia base. This makes it an ideal restorative solution for chipped, cracked or decaying teeth.

Each crown or bridge is designed using a state-of-the art technology called CAD/CAM. CAD (computer-aided design) uses a scanned model of the mouth to design a perfectly fitting restoration. Then, the understructure is milled (CAM) from zirconia with incredible precision. Finally, ceramic is shaped over the zirconia foundation to create your natural-looking tooth that exhibits fit, strength and beautiful pearlescence.